There are a great many benefits to choosing a resort for your stay in Raja Ampat.  Although guests in a resort typically do not get to see as broad a scope of the geographical area in comparison to guests on a liveaboard, there are a wide range of Raja Ampat resorts equipped to provide inordinately rich and engaging experiences for visitors, both above and below the water.

Staying at a resort is a great way to experience the islands with the added luxuries of higher-standard service, and an international quality of accommodation, meals, and transfers that can not always be found at homestays.  The peaceful, unchanging horizon or garden views, and the long stretches of beach or forested path upon which to stretch your legs makes this the ideal option for guests who need more space and freedom than a dive charter’s shipboard schedule.

Almost all resort in Raja Ampat are open and offer scuba diving and bird watching year round.  Being on the equator, there are no distinct seasons, although stronger winds and tend to occur during the mid year months.  Many resorts have chosen their location with this in mind, and have a wide variety of sheltered dive sites to choose from.

Resorts in Raja Ampat typically offer a broad range of activities, including scuba, hiking, cultural sights and birdwatching, and afford guests the change to experience these on a flexible and personalised schedule.


"From the island of the last paradise on earth. On behalf of all our staffs and crews, we are very excited and honor to welcome you in Papua and to share with you the artistry display of mother nature in our eco friendly diving resort in Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Mamberamo Resort

“Raja Ampat Mamberamo Resort is located in the heart of Batanta island, one of the main islands in Raja Ampat. With many famous spots such as Piaynemo, Mansuar island, Arborek, and many more located near the resort, Raja Ampat Mamberamo Resort is the perfect place for you and your family…”

Triton Bay Divers

Triton Bay Divers, opened its doors to guests in March 2015, and is the only resort in the area. We are located on a secluded beach and all our bungalows are on the beach facing the ocean. Our dive packages are designed for a 7 night stay with free airport pickup and dropoff from Saturday to Saturday.

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