There are a great deal of spectacular hiking, bird-watching, and culturally significant sites to visit across the archipelago.

Local operators can arrange trips to visit the renowned and ancient cave paintings and rock burial sites around Misool in the south, and provide information about the history and cultural significance of these.  Some of the art work is several thousand years old, and there are impressive nearby caves considered sacred by the local people which are open to guided visitors.

Jungle trekking with a local guide is an excellent way to learn more about the native flora and fauna, including endemic species such as some varieties of cus-cus and cassowary.  The local people have for centuries developed a system of traditional medicine from the forest, and are eager to display their knowledge to guests.  Several highlights, such as the waterfall on Batanta Island and the Kalibira blue hole on Waigeo can be reached fairly easily with guides from the local village.  There are a wide array of other scenic swimming holes, rivers, and jungle valleys, to which visitors can hike on longer treks.

The stunning cluster of karst islands that comprise Wayag in the north, and Penemu at the western end of the Dampier Strait offer several scenic lookouts, after a moderate climb. These islands can be reached by renting speedboats from Waisai,  or scheduling a pre-booked day trip with many local resorts.  At the time of writing, there are several homestays on or near Penemu.

A visit to the remote island villages offers a fascinating glimpse into the culture and daily life of the people of Raja Ampat.  Several villages such as Arborek,  in the Dampier Strait,  are set up to receive visitors, and have set up a display and donation box politely requesting that visitors compensate the residents for the opportunity to explore their community.

If you are cruising and wish to explore these without an operator, keep in mind that all sites are the property of local land-owners, and the operators usually have a compensatory arrangement with these owners in exchange for permission to bring guests there.  Paying the owners of these sites for the privilege of coming onto their land is standard, and cruisers should be prepared with cash before visiting.  If you feel that the requested fee is not appropriate, you best course of action is to politely take your leave.  It is important to remember that the islands, beaches, and jungle tracts of of the archipelago are all someone’s home, or personal property; proceeds from the Raja Ampat Marine Park entry fee are principally intended for funding patrol rangers and setting up supporting infrastructure, and this money does not go towards compensating individual property owners.

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Magnificus Expeditions

Magnificus Expeditions, the commercial wing of Papua Bird Club, uses the power of ecotourism to fuel the conservation of the forests and birds and the development of rural communities of West Papua, Indonesia.


Papua Expeditions

We attempt to convey the special flavour of a singularly unique and diverse tropical wilderness area that the western half of the sub-continental island of New Guinea, variously known as Papua, West Papua and Irian Jaya, truly is…


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Kepulauan Raja Ampat merupakan rangkaian empat gugusan pulau yang berdekatan dan berlokasi di barat bagian Kepala Burung (Vogelkoop) Pulau Papua. Secara administrasi, gugusan ini berada di bawah Kabupaten Raja Ampat, Provinsi Papua Barat.


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