The tremendous variety of landscapes in the archipelago – from mangrove wetlands to dense jungle to stark karst cliffs are home to impressive birdlife.    Specialised tours to view and photograph rare species can be arranged with local resorts (many of whom offer trips to some of the regions iconic birds of paradise) or through visiting local villages and asking around for a guide.  Several of the most sought after species are the Wilsons Bird of Paradise, the Red Bird of Paradise and the Western Crowned Pigeon.  Birds of prey are commonly seen along coastal areas, including White Bellied Sea Eagles, Osprey and Brahminy Kites.  Check out these links  for more information.

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Magnificus Expeditions

Magnificus Expeditions, the commercial wing of Papua Bird Club, uses the power of ecotourism to fuel the conservation of the forests and birds and the development of rural communities of West Papua, Indonesia.


Papua Expeditions

We attempt to convey the special flavour of a singularly unique and diverse tropical wilderness area that the western half of the sub-continental island of New Guinea, variously known as Papua, West Papua and Irian Jaya, truly is…


Papua Bird Club

Papua bird club is dedicated to the promotion of conservation, the protection of birds, and the support of local communities in Papua...


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